About Offerup

OfferUp is a mobile-friendly platform designed to help you buy and sell locally. Shop our marketplace to find great deals on unique items near you, or sell unwanted items to earn some extra cash.

Is OfferUp free to use?

Free features

All the features you need to start buying and selling immediately are available to you for free. You can browse the feed for items to buy, post items to sell, send messages to other OfferUp users, and more. The app also helps you locate safe places to meet with local buyers and sellers to exchange items for cash. OfferUp doesn’t charge fees or take any commission from your in-person transactions.

Paid features

While most OfferUp features are free, we also offer optional, upgraded features that are available for a fee. Paid features are designed to enhance your buying and selling experience in our marketplace and include:

  • Nationwide shipping - You pay applicable taxes and fees when you ship items to buyers or have items shipped to you.
  • Fast Deposit - You pay a fee to get paid out faster for the items you sell via Nationwide Shipping.
  • Item promotions - You pay a fee to promote your items at the top of the feed to increase their chances of selling. Subscription options are also available.
  • OfferUp Premium - You pay a monthly fee to receive an ad-free experience on the app plus exclusive member benefits.
  • Additional listings - You pay a fee to receive more listings when you’ve run out of your free listing allotment in certain categories. Subscription options are also available.

If a feature charges a fee of any kind, the app will provide you with upfront pricing and billing details before any payments are taken. Please note, some paid features are only available on the mobile app and cannot be accessed on the web at OfferUp.com.

Is OfferUp available in other languages?

Right now, OfferUp is available in English only. We know some users will be happy to see the platform available in other languages in the future, but for now we have no timeline for when other languages might be available. 

Download the app

OfferUp is a mobile app that must be installed on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. It cannot be downloaded to your personal computer (PC) or laptop. However, if you’d prefer not to download the app, you can visit OfferUp.com on your computer to shop our marketplace. Just know that some features and services are only available in our mobile app.

From a smartphone or tablet From a desktop computer

Visit your app store to download the OfferUp app:


For the best experience using the OfferUp app, check to make sure you’re running a supported operating system (OS) on your mobile device. To learn more, see Discontinued support for older operating systems.

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