How to report a listing

See an item or job listing that doesn’t belong on OfferUp? Report it. When you report listings that are inappropriate, offensive, fake, or potentially dangerous, you help to keep the OfferUp community safe and trustworthy.

When to report a listing

Consider reporting a listing under the following circumstances:

How to report a listing

When you see a listing that you believe violates OfferUp’s policies, please report it by completing these steps:

  1. In the listing, scroll down past the Description, then tap Report.
  2. Select the reason you're reporting the listing.
  3. Optional: Add a note about why you’re reporting the listing. 
  4. Tap Submit Report, then tap Done.


Some job listings may not have a Report button available. These listings are posted by our third-party provider. If you have concerns about a job listing that doesn’t have a Report button, please reach out to us by tapping the Contact Us button below.

When you report a listing, you remain anonymous so you don’t have to worry about retaliation or offending community members. You also have the ability to block or report a buyer or seller in addition to reporting listings. For more information, see How to report other users.

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