About reputation

In the OfferUp marketplace, your reputation is just as important as what you buy and sell. Your public profile reflects your reputation within the community and shows details like how often you use OfferUp, how long you’ve been a member, and how others rate you. Having a positive reputation tends to make buyers and sellers more willing to work with you.

Read on to learn how your profile reflects your reputation and actions you can take to build your reputation.

Your public Profile page shows your username, star rating, location, and more.


Your username is a reflection of you and can play an important role in whether a buyer or seller sees you as legitimate and trustworthy. When you create your username, we recommend that you use your real name, your business’s name, or a respectful nickname that isn’t offensive to other community members. Your username displays on your public profile and represents who you are to all OfferUp users. 

Profile picture

A profile picture shows people that you’re a real person and helps give them a sense of who you are. Adding a picture can attract more buyers and sellers to you. 

A profile picture of a young brunette girl smiling.


When you complete a sale with a buyer or seller, they’ll have the opportunity to rate you. Ratings show on your public profile and let other community members know if people enjoyed working with you. Ratings are between 1 and 5 stars, 5 being the highest score. Your profile rating shows the average number of stars that you’ve earned from other people, followed by the total number of people who have rated you. For more information, see About ratings.

A 5-star rating on a user's profile page.

Bought and Sold

Your Bought and Sold stats show how active you are in the marketplace. These stats display the total number of items that you’ve purchased and sold on OfferUp during the lifetime of your account. The more often you buy and sell, the more likely it is that you'll be considered a reliable person to work with.

The number of items that you've Bought and Sold.

Followers and Following

If people want to know when you post new stuff, they can follow you. Likewise, you can follow other people to get notified when they post new stuff. When you have a lot of followers, it may indicate that people like the items you post. For more information, see Following OfferUp sellers.

The number of Followers you have and people your Following.

Response time

If you consistently respond to messages quickly, your profile will reflect your good communication habits. Our platform calculates the average time it takes you to respond to messages. If you meet our criteria for responsiveness, you’ll see notes added to your profile like Responds within 1 hour or Responds in a few minutes. These notes give community members a good idea of how long it will take you to get back to them. A faster response time means a better reputation.

The response time message says 'Responds in a few minutes.'

Recent activity

If you’re active on the OfferUp mobile app, your profile will reflect your recent activity. When you log into the app and do things like perform a search or message a seller, you’ll see automated notes added to your profile like Just Seen, Active a few hours ago, or Active in the last day. This lets other people know that you’re using the app frequently, which can indicate that you’re a motivated buyer or seller.

The recent activity message says 'Active a few minutes ago.'


A simple way to build your reputation is by earning profile badges. Badges show that you’ve taken steps to confirm your identity by doing things like verifying your contact information or becoming a TruYou member. This makes you appear more trustworthy and reliable.

Badges can also be awarded for good behavior, like when you reply to messages quickly. For more information, see About profile badges.

Profile badges include 95% Reply Rate, Confirmed Phone, Confirmed Facebook, Confirmed Email, and more.


When someone gives you a 4 or 5 star rating on OfferUp, they can also add compliments about you by selecting from a preset list of tags, like Friendly, Reliable, or Communicative. The number next to the tag indicates how many times people have given you that compliment. These compliments show on your public profile and let others know that people like doing business with you.

Compliments include tags like Item as Described, On Time, Reliable, Friendly, and Communicative.

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