Creating an OfferUp account

Creating an OfferUp account is quick and simple. To get started, download our mobile app or visit us on the web at


Per our posting rules, we only allow one active OfferUp account per user. Please do not attempt to create multiple accounts.

Create an account

To create an OfferUp account, complete the following steps in the mobile app or on the web. 

In the app On the web
  1. Download the app from your app store.
  2. Open the app and tap Log In.
  3. On the Sign Up / Log In pop-up, select how you want to set up your account:
    • Continue With Email: This option allows you to set up an account with an email address and a unique password.
    • Continue With Facebook: This option allows you to set up your account using your Facebook account credentials.
    • Continue With Google: This option allows you to set up your account using your Google account credentials. To learn more, see
    • Continue With Apple: This option allows you to set up your account using your Apple ID credentials. To learn more, see
  4. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your account.


You cannot reuse an email address that’s associated with a deleted OfferUp account. If you deleted your previous OfferUp account and are creating a new one, you’ll need to use a different email address for your login credentials.

Create a username

When you create an OfferUp account, you’ll need to enter a username. This name will display on your public profile to other OfferUp users and is a reflection of you or your business. You can use your real name, your business name, or a nickname. Just make sure the name you choose is appropriate and respectful to the community. Your name is a part of your reputation and can affect if buyers or sellers want to work with you.

Your name should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your name is not offensive, profane, violent, threatening, or sexually explicit.
  • Your name is not deliberately deceptive, confusing, or intentionally similar to other usernames or businesses. It should not impersonate or falsely represent you as someone else.
  • Your name does not imply the intent to harass, advertise, phish, or spam other users.
  • Your name does not include your contact information, such as your phone number or email address.

Secure your account

After you create an account, it’s important to take some additional steps to keep it secure. We highly encourage you to verify your contact information right away. This helps OfferUp protect your account using two-factor authentication and other verification methods.

Another way to protect your account is to become a TruYou member. TruYou is designed to help detect and prevent fraudulent behavior on our platform. To learn more, see About TruYou.

For more tips on keeping your account safe, see Tips to maintain a secure account.

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