Posting an item for sale

When you post an item for sale, you’ll always need to include a title, price, and location on your listing. You'll also have the choice to add optional details about your item, like the condition, color, or brand. Lastly, you can choose how you want to sell your item, either in person or through nationwide shipping.

Read on to learn how to post an item, add more details, and choose a delivery method. 

Getting started

1. Open the app and tap Post.

2. Tap Take Photo to take a new photo of your item or tap Select Photo to choose a photo from your gallery.

    • Choose a cover photo that shows the whole item by itself.
    • Add at least 3 photos (maximum of 12). Items with more photos usually sell faster.
    • If your item shows any signs of damage or wear, include that in the photostransparency helps build a trusting community and can prevent issues with the buyer later. 


For more helpful hints on taking a successful cover photo, see Cover photo tips.

3. Enter a detailed Title.

    • Include the name, brand, year, or size of your item (as applicable).
    • Double-check your spelling. If people can’t search for it, they may not be able to find it.

4. Add a description.

    • We highly recommend adding a detailed description of your item. Listings without descriptions have lower buyer interest.
    • You can include information such as product specifications, size, dimensions, color, etc.
    • For cars, consider adding year, make, model, mileage, etc. 

Add more details

You now have the option to add more details about your item. While there are only 3 required fields (Category, Condition, and Price), we highly recommend filling out as many fields as possible. This makes it easier for buyers to find your products quickly and can increase buyer interest.

1. Select the most appropriate Category for your item or pick a category that matches as closely as possible.

    • For example, if you’re selling a hammer, make sure it’s in Tools, not in Clothing & Shoes.

2. Select a Sub-category.

3. Set the item’s Condition.

    • The default condition is set to Good (for Cars & Trucks only) or Used (normal wear) and will need to be adjusted as you see fit.

4. Fill in additional details.

5. Set your Price.

    • Try setting a price that’s the same or less than what similar items are selling for online. (For shippable items, the minimum listing price is $2 and the maximum listing price is $2,000.)
    • If you're not open to negotiating the price of your item, engage the Firm on price toggle.

Choose the delivery method

1. Set the item’s Location (required).

    • Buyers will only see the approximate location of the item, they won’t be able to see your exact location.

2. Choose if you want to meet up in person or Sell & ship nationwide.

    • Shipping it? You can toggle the Sell & Ship Nationwide option. 
    • If you choose shipping, you'll see a 12.9% service fee for your item. The minimum fee is $1.99.


3. Choose your package size.

    • Make sure to select the correct size to avoid issues with shipping or additional fees for selecting the wrong size.

4. Decide whether or not to enable Auto Accept. If you choose to enable this, you will auto-accept the first full-price shipping offer you receive.

5. Tap Postand you're done! Check the app for messages from interested buyers.


  • For more information on shipping, see the OfferUp Shipping Policy and the OfferUp Packaging Policy.
  • When looking at your own listings, you won’t see the Ask and Make Offer buttons, but buyers will see them.
  • Some popular categories limit the amount of free listings you get per month. Once you reach the limit, you’ll be prompted to purchase additional listings. For more information on free listing limits, see About free listing limits

View your listings

To see how your item appears in search results, tap Home, then search for your item using keywords. To locate your item faster, choose the same keywords that you used in the listing’s title or description. If you’ve just posted or edited the listing, it can take a little while for it to show up again in search results.

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