How to buy on OfferUp

With several ways to buy on OfferUp, it’s important to know the steps involved in each process. Below is an overview of what you can expect during the buying process.

Reach out to the seller

The first step in making a purchase is always to reach out to the seller. You can ask a question about an item, make an offer, or let them know you want to buy it now.

While we can’t guarantee that every seller will respond to a question or offer, please know we expect all OfferUp users to be responsive, and are actively working to remind everyone of this expectation. If you don’t hear back from a seller, we recommend following up one more time or searching for a similar item being offered by a different person.

Ask about the item

If you find an item you like, but you need more information before you commit to a purchase, tap Ask to chat with the seller about the item. You’ll see your message and their response in the chat. Access these messages anytime by tapping Inbox on the home screen.

Not sure where to find your message? To learn more, see Finding your messages.

Make an offer

When you're ready to purchase an item, tap Make Offer. Enter the amount you’d like to offer the seller for their item, then tap Make Offer again.

Negotiating a final price can be a natural part of buying on OfferUp, but be considerate when making your offer. If you try to negotiate too low, there is a probability the seller will go with another buyer offering closer to their asking price.


If you are unable to edit your offer amount, it's because the seller is firm on their price and is only accepting offers for the full asking price. If you still want to ask about price flexibility, tap Ask to chat with the seller about it.

Ship to me

If you see a Ship To Me option when you make an offer, it means the seller is local but offering shipping as an option for delivery of the item.

If you’d prefer for the item to be shipped to you, select Ship To Me. You’ll review your offer (including any applicable shipping fees), confirm your mailing address, then tap Confirm Offer to submit the offer to the seller.

If you’d rather meet in person to pick up your item, simply select Make Offer, and then discuss pick-up options with the seller if they accept.

Meet in person

After the seller accepts your offer, find a location (like a Community MeetUp Spot) where you can meet up safely. Make sure to agree on a price and payment method ahead of time for a hassle-free transaction.

When you meet the seller, take the time to look over the item. If you are satisfied with it, go ahead and complete the purchase.

Buy now

The Buy Now feature is only available for shippable items and allows you to quickly purchase an item at the full asking price. To do so, tap Buy Now, review your purchase details, then tap Confirm Purchase.

Once the item is delivered, you have 2 days to inspect it to see if it arrived as described. If there is an issue, we always recommend trying to reach a resolution directly with the seller. But if that doesn’t work, you can file a 2-Day Purchase Protection claim with OfferUp.

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