How to block and unblock other users

We want you to have a great experience working with other OfferUp users. But if someone is sending you rude, harassing, or threatening messages on our platform, we recommend that you block them. Blocking a user prevents them from contacting you and from making offers on your items.

Block a user Unblock a user

To block a user on OfferUp, you first have to report them to us. As you go through the process of reporting a user, you'll be asked if you want to block them as well. If you do, simply turn on the Block This User? toggle. For more detailed steps, see How to report other users.

The Block toggle is green which means it's turned on.

When you block a user, the following things happen:

  • All of your existing messages with the user get removed from your inbox.
  • The user is blocked from sending you new messages.
  • The user is blocked from making offers on your items.

You’ll still be able to see a blocked user’s listings in your feed, and they’ll still be able to see yours, but they won’t be able to contact you or buy your items. Blocking someone is not a permanent action, so if you change your mind, you can always unblock them.

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