Fix common messaging issues

Check out these troubleshooting tips for common issues with in-app messaging. 

Not getting new message notifications?

OfferUp sends you email and push notifications anytime that you receive a new message in the app. If you’re not receiving these notifications, we recommend that you check your settings in the OfferUp app and on your mobile device. To learn more, see Managing your notification preferences.

Not receiving responses to your messages?

If you're not getting a response from a buyer or seller in a timely manner, you can check to make sure that your message was delivered to them. You can also check if they've seen your message. 

Delivered Undelivered Seen

A successfully delivered message says Delivered below it and shows one check mark

The message says it was Delivered with one check mark.


To find out how long someone typically takes to respond to messages, check their OfferUp profile by tapping on their profile picture. If they’re good about responding quickly, you’ll see notes like Responds within 1 hour or Responds in a few minutes.

Messages disappearing from your inbox?

There may be times when you receive a message from an interested buyer or seller, but later find that their message has disappeared from your inbox. This can happen for a few reasons, such as:

If messages are only disappearing from your conversation with one specific person, it’s likely that the person got rid of their OfferUp account. However, if messages are disappearing from multiple conversations, there may be a bigger issue. If this is the case, please reach out to us by tapping the Contact Us button below.

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