Managing your notification preferences

OfferUp sends you notifications to let you know about changes to your account, special offers, new items, and more. You can control the types of notifications you want to receive and how they get delivered to you in your account settings.

Update preferences in the app

To choose the notifications you want to receive, update your preferences in the OfferUp app by completing these steps:

  1. Open the OfferUp app and log into your account.

  2. Tap your Account Avator.svg profile picture in the top right corner to access your account.

  3. Under Account, tap Account Settings.

  4. On the Settings page, scroll down to Notifications, then tap Manage Notifications.

  5. On the Notifications page, tap Edit next to the notification you want to update. 

  6. Select your preferred delivery method for the notification.
    • Turn on the Email toggle to receive email notifications about the selected topic. Turn off the Email toggle to stop receiving them.
    • Turn on the Push Notification toggle to receive mobile notifications about the selected topic. Turn off the Push Notifications toggle to stop receiving them.

      For Chat Message alerts, Email is turned on and Push Notifications are turned off.

Changes to your notification preferences take effect immediately. Please note, you will still receive in-app notifications, even if you disable all email and push notifications. In-app notifications are mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Update push notifications in your device settings

You can also manage your push notification preferences on your mobile device. Your device lets you control what apps are allowed to send you push notifications. This is an efficient way to disable all push notifications at once, rather than managing individual ones in the OfferUp app. To learn how to manage notifications on your mobile device, see the applicable instructions: Google Android Help and Apple iOS Support.


If you disable notifications on your mobile device, OfferUp cannot send you any push notifications (except for account verification codes and one-time passwords). If this is your preference, we recommend that you log into the OfferUp app regularly to check your notifications for important updates.

Unsubscribe from email notifications

An easy way to stop receiving marketing emails from OfferUp is by scrolling to the bottom of an email and selecting Unsubscribe From Marketing Emails. Clicking this link will notify us that you no longer wish to receive marketing emails. These requests typically process instantly; however, in select cases they may take up to 10 business days to process. Alternatively, you can click Manage Your Email Preferences at the bottom of the email to adjust your notification settings in your account.


If you unsubscribe from marketing emails, please be aware that you’ll still receive important email notifications about your OfferUp account and shipping transactions.


Having trouble receiving email or push notifications from OfferUp? Try these tips to fix the issue:

  • Check your notification settings in the OfferUp app. You need to turn on each individual email and push notification that you want to receive.
  • Check your notification settings on your mobile device. Make sure that the OfferUp app is allowed to send you push notifications. 
  • Turn off any device settings that may block notifications. This includes things like power saving mode, Do Not Disturb, and performance optimization apps.

For assistance with notification issues, please reach out to us by tapping the Contact Us button below.

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