Protecting your account with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is designed to keep your OfferUp account safe by ensuring that you’re the only person who can access it. 2FA requires you to provide two pieces of information before you can access your account, including: 

  • Your account password (or login credentials)
  • And, a 6-digit verification code that we text or email to you

Your OfferUp account is automatically protected by two-factor authentication. You're already enrolled. You cannot turn off 2FA. It's a required feature that helps us protect your account, your identity, and your personal information.

You may be asked to provide a 2FA verification code at any time in order to keep your account protected. For example, if you attempt to log in to OfferUp from an unrecognized device, we’ll ask you to provide a verification code to prove it’s really you. For your protection, never share verification codes with anyone else. 


No access to your phone or email

Lost your phone? Got a new number? Can’t access your old email? If your 2FA code is being sent to a device or email that you no longer have access to, please reach out to us by selecting the Contact Us button below.

Not receiving verification codes

If you have access to your phone or email, but are not receiving 2FA codes, try these tips:

If you’re still not able to receive verification codes, please reach out to us by selecting the Contact Us button below.

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