View your promotion results

When you view your promotion results, you'll see how many unique buyers viewed your item.

Illustration of a graph displaying results from an item promotion

The graph shows you how buyers found it:

  • Listing views are the unique views your item received from the original listing.
  • Promoted views shows how many additional unique views you gained from the item’s promotional spot.

The graph shows you if your promotion is currently running and how many days are left, or if the item has sold.

You'll see results for promotions started in the last 30 days. Only the most recent promotion for each item will be shown.

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  1. Go to Selling.
  2. Tap Promotion results to see results for all of your promoted items. If you have a recent. promotion that's active, this link will appear in the app.
    Illustration of the Promotion Results link in the app
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