About Promote Plus

Promote Plus is a paid subscription that allows you to endlessly promote your items at the top of the feed to attract more buyers and sell faster.

Promote Plus services

  • Make your item twice as likely to sell. Promoted items are twice as likely to sell because they get more exposure at the top of the feed. More exposure helps attract more potential buyers.

  • Promote an item for multiple days. Choose one item to promote at the top of the feed for as many days as you want. Endlessly promote your item with ease and never worry about a promotion expiring before you want it to.

  • Switch the promotion to other items. Want to change out the item you’re promoting? No problem. You can switch the promotion to any of your active items whenever you want.

  • Save 58% on annual subscriptions. Opt for an annual subscription and receive a discounted price to promote your items for a full year.

  • Try Promote Plus for free. Sign up today and enjoy a free 3-day trial to see if Promote Plus is right for you. Cancel at any time, no obligations. Please note, this benefit is only available to first time users.

Signing up

Promote Plus is available through the OfferUp app as a paid monthly or yearly subscription. Choose the option that best fits your needs. If you're trying Promote Plus for the first time, you'll enjoy a 3-day free trial period. Please note, we only allow 1 free trial per app store account.

To sign up for a Promote Plus subscription:

  1. Open the OfferUp app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap My Listings
  3. Locate the item listing you want to promote, then tap Sell 2x Faster.
  4. On the pop-up, select Promote Plus, then tap Start 3-Day Free Trial
  5. Select a Monthly or Yearly plan, then tap Start 3-Day Free Trial. Note: If you've already used your free trial, the button will say Go Promote Plus instead.
  6. On the app store purchase pop-up, select your payment method, then tap Subscribe.

How it works

Your promoted item will appear with a Promoted icon in featured spots on OfferUp, including the home feed, category feed, and in related searches. Your item will also show a Promoted label in My Listings so you know what item you’re promoting at all times.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your item at the top of the feed immediately. Promoted spots are shared between sellers. Items rotate among the featured positions so all sellers get fair exposure.

Items rotating in the feed like a carousel.

Additionally, you may not see your promoted item in your own feed at all since you’re not paying to promote it to yourself. But potential buyers will see your item in their feed. To check how many buyers are viewing your item in real-time, use the Item Performance Dashboard.

Switch out promoted items

You can switch out the item you’re promoting anytime for any other item in your for sale list. 

To switch a promoted item:

  1. Open the OfferUp app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap My Listings.
  3. Locate the item listing you want to start promoting, then tap Promote.
  4. Tap Use Promote Plus.
  5. On the Swap Promotion pop-up, tap Promote.

    The Swap promotion pop-up says 'Promote Red Truck instead of Black hat with feather'? The options are Cancel or Promote.

Change subscription plans

You can change to a monthly or yearly subscription plan at any time. Simply visit your app store to manage your plan. To learn more, see the app store instructions for your type of device:

Just know that if you change your subscription plan, your new plan will not activate until your current plan reaches the end of its billing period. When your current plan expires, your new plan will start and a new billing cycle will begin.


There are no refunds (prorated or otherwise) for changing your plan. All plans run until the end of their billing period before any changes take effect.


Your subscription will automatically renew every month on the same day until you choose to alter or cancel it. Payment occurs through your app store using the payment method associated with your Google Play or App Store account. To locate your renewal date, visit your app store account.

Cancellations & refunds

Cancel your 3-day free trial Cancel your subscription Refunds

To avoid being charged, you must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the free trial period. Otherwise, you will be charged for a Promote Plus subscription on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel.

To learn how to cancel your free trial, see the app store instructions for your type of device:

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