Intellectual Property Policy

OfferUp is committed to ensuring that our marketplace is a trusted place to do business and that the intellectual property (“IP”) rights of others are respected.

OfferUp’s IP Takedown Form is designed for intellectual property rights owners, or their authorized agents, to alert us if they believe certain content on OfferUp infringes on their rights.

Please complete this form to notify OfferUp of allegedly infringing content and our team will review, assess, and as needed, take action on the report. 

Reporting a rights violation

When submitting your request, please provide as much detail as possible about why the listing(s) at issue infringes on your IP rights. The more information we have upfront, the more effectively and efficiently we can review and respond to your request. 

Submitting a report

  1. Go to the IP Reporting form at

  2. Fill out all fields in the form with as much detail as possible.

    This includes identifying who you are, the IP at issue that you own or represent, a link to the content on OfferUp that is allegedly infringing on your rights, and the specific reasoning behind why and how it infringes your IP rights.

Bulk uploads

If your report contains multiple listings (more than 5), please use the bulk upload function. To do so, click over to the Bulk Upload option and follow these instructions:

    1. Prepare your file for upload by using a CSV file (this is the only file type allowed).
    2. Copy and paste each relevant item URL into a separate row in the CSV file.
    3. Hit “Upload.”
    4. Your CSV file should not contain more than 1000 listings or be larger than 1MB.

If you have multiple types of infringement claims (e.g. counterfeit items and copyright infringement), please submit a separate bulk upload file for each type of infringement claim making sure to explain the reason you are requesting the takedown.

For example, submit one CSV file for counterfeit items, and a separate CSV file for copyright infringement claims. This may result in additional ticket submissions, which is appropriate under these circumstances.

After you submit your report, an OfferUp team member will reach out by email after the report has been reviewed.

Information for sellers

Sellers are responsible for ensuring their listings on OfferUp do not violate the intellectual property rights of others.

For example, avoiding trademark infringement, selling counterfeit goods, or using copyright protected photos.

An IP rights owner may reach out to OfferUp if your listings do not comport with this standard. Your listings may be removed if the complaint is deemed valid by OfferUp.

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