Reporting a serious issue to OfferUp

Nothing is more important than the well-being of our community. If you have encountered a serious issue on OfferUp, either in the app or when meeting another person during a transaction, first take steps to ensure you are safe, then report the issue.

Reporting to OfferUp

Please follow these steps to report a person or item to OfferUp. You can classify the issue using the provided menu of reporting reasons, and give a description of what happened so that we can begin our investigation and take appropriate action.

Reporting to Law Enforcement

In addition to taking the appropriate steps to investigate and address issues that arise through the app, OfferUp partners closely with Law Enforcement. If you have encountered illegal activity or a crime, we strongly recommend contacting local authorities.

The police will need relevant details from you such as the user profile of the individual you were in contact with on OfferUp.

Once you have made your report to local authorities, please encourage the investigating officer to contact OfferUp and provide us with the following details of your case so we can work with the officer:

  1. Agency Case Number or event ID
  2. Investigative Officer Name
  3. Investigative Officer phone number or email

Further assistance

If you need further assistance, tap Contact Us to get in touch with a Customer Support representative.

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