About Community MeetUp Spots

When you buy or sell an item in person, you should always meet in a well-lit, public location. Need suggestions on where to meet? OfferUp partners with local businesses and police stations to provide you with official Community MeetUp Spots.

What are Community MeetUp Spots?

Community MeetUp Spots are designated spaces for buyers and sellers from our online marketplace to meet in person and conduct their trades. These spaces have a higher probability of being safe and inclusive because of the following attributes:

  • They’re brightly-lit, public areas with 24/7 lighting.
  • They have 24-hour video surveillance maintained by the local entity.
  • They’re ADA accessible.

Many local businesses, police stations, and law enforcement agencies around the country have installed MeetUp Spots so that people in their communities have safer places to conduct OfferUp transactions.

A MeetUp Spot sign on a pole located in front of a police station.

Learn how to become a Community MeetUp Spot

How it works

The OfferUp mobile app suggests Community MeetUp Spots and lets you share their locations with other people through messages. To learn how to use the MeetUp feature, see Find and share a MeetUp Spot.

When you and the person you’re meeting agree on a MeetUp location, simply schedule a time to meet and stay in contact through in-app messaging. To prepare yourself for an upcoming MeetUp, see Safety tips.

Nationwide MeetUp Spots

For a complete list of official Community MeetUp Spots across the US, see the Safe Trade Spots Locator. This website contains the largest national database of police stations, sheriff’s departments, and other law enforcement agencies that have designated locations for in-person transactions.

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