How to request a refund

If you bought an item through nationwide shipping, inspect it closely within 2 days after it arrives. Is it what you expected? If not, let the seller know by requesting a refund. 

You can request a refund from the delivered notification you received up to 2 days after you get the item. If you don't get a response that solves the issue, you have 2 more days to let us know by filing a claim.

After that time period expires, we'll assume you’re happy with the item and complete the transaction.

To request a refund 

  1. Navigate to your Notifications by tapping Inbox
  2. Select the notification that corresponds to the item you would like to request a refund for
  3. Tap Request refund
  4. Respond to the “What’s the issue?” question in the text box
  5. Tap Request refund

Once you've requested a refund

  • The seller has 2 days to accept or decline your request for a refund
  • If the seller accepts, we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label to mail the item back to the seller. You must use the label to qualify for a refund. Make sure to ship the item within 5 days. 
  • If the seller declines or doesn't respond to your refund request, you have 2 days to report the issue directly to us.


You must report to us within 4 days of the item being delivered. You have 2 days to contact the seller, and 2 more days to contact us if the seller does not respond or declines.

If your item arrives damaged in transit, turns out to be counterfeit, or you have other questions, please contact us.

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