How to process a buyer's return request on a shipped item

As a seller

When selling an item through nationwide shipping, the buyer may realize that the item was not as described. If so, they have 2 days after delivery to request a refund.

For items that don’t meet buyer expectations based on the item description, they’ll need to sort out the issue with you as the seller. Buyers may have other issues — such as damaged or counterfeit items — that they report to us

If the buyer requests a refund from you, you will see the request in chat.

How to accept or decline a refund

  1. Navigate to Inbox and make sure you’re on the Messages tab.
  2. Find the corresponding messages to view the buyer’s refund request.
  3. You’ll see the reason the buyer included for requesting a refund
  4. If you need more information, message the buyer. The buyer is able to send photos of the items in the chat at this time. 
  5. On the “[Buyer name] requested a refund” system message, tap Accept or Decline.
  6. On the next screen, tap either Accept or Decline, depending on your decision
  7. If you accept the refund request, we’ll send the buyer a prepaid shipping return label and they must ship within 5 days.
  8. Once the buyer drops off the item and the post office scans it, funds will be transferred back to the buyer.
  9. If you decline the refund request, the buyer will have another 2 days to file a claim with us. Note: As the seller, you will not receive payment while a claim is in progress. 
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