How to get your shipping label from your chat messages

OfferUp automatically sends your prepaid shipping label to your email. However, you can also retrieve your shipping label from your chat messages.

Here’s how:

  1. Open your chat thread with the buyer you want to retrieve the label for.
  2. Scroll to the place in your chat thread where you see the “Accepted - ship within 3 days!” dialog from OfferUp.

  3. Tap Shipping label to bring up the PDF label in your device. Note: You will also receive an email from OfferUp with the shipping label included. 

  4. Print the shipping label and securely attach it to your package with mailing tape. 
  5. Once you've securely packaged your item, you're ready to ship! 

Not getting shipping labels from OfferUp? Make sure your email is verified.

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