OfferUp Shipping Policy

OfferUp helps you ship the items you sell in our marketplace using Nationwide Shipping. If you choose to ship your items, you are responsible for reviewing and complying with all OfferUp Shipping Policies, which include our Shipping Policy, Packaging Policy, and 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy.

You’re also responsible for complying with all US laws and regulations regarding mailing, including but not limited to, the USPS policies.

To ensure you adhere to our Shipping Policy, please review this article in full for guidance on shipping requirements.


OfferUp reserves the right to determine what items are eligible for shipping. Shipping via OfferUp is subject to our Shipping Policies and Terms of Service. Any violation of the OfferUp Shipping Policies or terms may result in the suspension or cancellation of your account.

Shipping eligibility

The OfferUp platform determines if an item is eligible to ship per the guidelines listed below. Not all items can be shipped due to factors like size, location, or description. When you post an item for sale, you’ll know if your item can be shipped based on the options presented to you in the app.

If your item is eligible to ship, the app will allow you to select Nationwide Shipping as your delivery method. (Please note, the Nationwide Shipping feature is not available on the web at

If your item is not eligible to ship, the app will show you the message "Shipping is not available.” OfferUp cannot override or enable the shipping feature if the app has determined that your item cannot be shipped.


OfferUp supports the shipping of eligible items to and from all US states except Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

What you can ship What you can't ship

Shipping fees

Sellers and buyers are responsible to pay all fees when using Nationwide Shipping on OfferUp. The following fees apply to shipping transactions.

Seller fees Buyer fees

As a seller, you’re responsible for paying a service fee when you ship items sold via OfferUp. The fee is 12.9% of the item’s final price (excluding shipping costs) with a minimum fee of $1.99. You’ll see the service fee dollar amount when you accept a buyer’s offer. This fee is automatically deducted from the final sale amount before any money is deposited into your account.

You’re also solely responsible for any necessary fees or overages incurred from USPS for shipping your item. For example, if USPS holds your package because more postage is due, OfferUp will not pay the additional postage fees or reimburse you for the additional costs to complete delivery. To avoid unnecessary charges or delays in delivery, make sure you select the correct package size to receive the appropriate prepaid shipping label. For more information, see the OfferUp Packaging Policy.

Shipping time frame

As a seller, you're required to ship an item within 5 calendar days from the date of sale (though we recommend shipping within 3 days, if possible). If the item isn’t shipped within 5 days, the transaction will automatically cancel and the buyer's payment will be returned to their original payment method. There is no way to stop or reverse this automated cancellation process once it begins. If you want to proceed with the sale after the transaction has been canceled, you’ll need to reach out to the buyer and initiate the sale process again.

Shipping label requirements

Your package must display only the shipping label that OfferUp provides to you. Please do not attempt to create your own shipping label. Packages containing hazardous materials must display the appropriate HAZMAT shipping label provided by OfferUp. For more information, see the OfferUp Packaging Policy.

OfferUp only provides shipping labels for USPS. We do not provide shipping labels for any other carriers. If you choose not to use the label we provide, the following limitations apply:

  • OfferUp cannot guarantee that USPS will pick up your package.
  • OfferUp cannot track your package or verify delivery.
  • OfferUp cannot guarantee that you will be paid for your sale in the app.

Package drop-off requirements

Your package must be dropped off at a USPS approved location, such as a mailbox, post office, or a USPS approved postal provider. If you choose to ship your item through a non-approved carrier (such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS), the following limitations apply:

  • Your item will not be covered by the 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy.
  • OfferUp customer support cannot assist you with any issues with your item.
  • OfferUp cannot guarantee that you will be paid for your sale in the app.

We can only provide assistance and protection for packages that are mailed at an approved USPS location using the shipping label we provide.

Reporting mail fraud

If you are a victim of suspected or detected mail fraud, we highly recommend that you report the incident to the US Postal Inspection Service by emailing:

For more information on identifying mail fraud, see the USPS Mail Fraud FAQs.

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