Finding your messages

To find important messages you’ve exchanged on OfferUp, look for them in your Inbox or linked to the items the messages were about in the Selling tab. 

In the app On the web

For incoming messages:

    • Tap Screen_Shot_2020-11-03_at_2.59.25_PM.png
    • If you have a new message or notification, you’ll see a red indicator next to the icon Screen_Shot_2020-11-04_at_2.24.09_PM.png

For messages about an item you’re selling:

    • Tap Screen_Shot_2020-11-03_at_2.30.37_PM.png
    • Tap the item you want to check messages for
    • Tap the name of anyone who has messaged you

For sold and archived items:

    • If the item hasn't been archived yet, you can still find messages about it by viewing the item
    • If the item is in your archive, you'll need to unarchive it first. More about unarchiving
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