Custom profile links

To let people know about the items you have for sale on OfferUp, you can send them a link to your profile page where all your offers appear. When you open your account, you automatically get a link that ends in a random string of numbers and letters, like this:


You can customize it to display your name, or the name of your store, like this:


To create the link

  1. At the bottom of any screen, tap Account
  2. At the top of the Account screen, tap the settings wheel
  3. Under Custom Profile Link, tap Set your profile link
  4. In the field, type in the name you want at the end of your link

A few things to keep in mind

  • Start with a letter, not a number 
  • Use only letters and numbers
  • Don’t use brand names you don’t own
  • Don’t use one common word by itself
  • Don’t use contact info or other links
  • Don’t use offensive or suggestive language


Once you create a custom profile link, you’ll use it that way forever! Make sure you enter a link you really like the first time.

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