About the Super Shipper badge

The Super Shipper badge shows that you’re a reliable and reputable shipper on OfferUp. We’ll add it to your profile once you’ve shipped enough items and have shown that you’re prompt and reliable.

Qualify for the Super Shipper badge

To get this badge, here’s what you need to do:

  • Successfully complete at least two shipping transactions
  • Ship at least 80% of all shipping offers that you’ve accepted
  • Ship at least 60% of your items within 3 days

Keep your Super Shipper honors

Once you’ve become a Super Shipper, keep your rank by continuing to provide fast and consistent shipping.

Remember that once you accept an offer for something you’re selling, you have 3 days to mail it. To make sure you can ship items on time, be strategic about when you post items and accept offers. If you know you won’t be able to get to the carrier right away, you can always wait a couple of days before accepting an offer. You have 48 hours to accept an offer before our system cancels it.

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