OfferUp Packaging Policy

OfferUp helps you ship the items you sell in our marketplace using Nationwide Shipping. If you choose to ship your items, you are responsible for reviewing and complying with all OfferUp Shipping Policies, which include our Packaging Policy, Shipping Policy, and 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy

You’re also responsible for complying with all US laws and regulations regarding mailing, including but not limited to, the USPS policies.

To ensure you adhere to our Packaging Policy, please review this article in full for guidance on preparing your packages to be shipped.


OfferUp reserves the right to determine what items are eligible for shipping. Shipping via OfferUp is subject to our Shipping Policies and Terms of Service. Any violation of the OfferUp Shipping Policies or terms may result in the suspension or cancellation of your account.

Declare hazardous materials

When you post an item for sale and mark it as available for Nationwide Shipping, you’ll need to declare if you’re shipping any hazardous materials. This is a crucial step because it ensures that you comply with USPS legal restrictions and that you receive the appropriate shipping label from OfferUp. 

First, review the USPS Hazardous Materials list to determine if your item contains hazardous materials. If your item is on the list, you'll need to declare it. Please note, any item containing lithium batteries must be declared as hazardous material. 

To declare that you're shipping hazardous materials:

  1. Log in to your OfferUp account on the app, then tap Post to post your item for sale. Or, if you’ve already posted the item, tap My Listings, select the listing you want to edit, then tap Edit Post.

  2. Tap Next to continue through the Details and Price pages.

  3. On the Delivery Method page, toggle on Sell & Ship Nationwide.

  4. Select the checkbox next to Are you shipping hazardous materials?

  5. The app will auto-select the X-Large package size for you based on USPS requirements for shipping HAZMAT via ground transportation. This ensures that you receive the appropriate prepaid shipping label.

  6. Tap Post or Save to finish. 

When you sell your item, OfferUp will provide you with the appropriate HAZMAT shipping label. You must attach this label to your package prior to shipping.  

HAZMAT label shows an 'H' and says 'Surface Transportation Only.'

Choose the right package size

When you post an item for sale using Nationwide Shipping as the delivery method, you’ll select the package size that you will ship your item in. The size you choose will determine the prepaid shipping label that OfferUp provides to you.

When you select a package size, pick one that allows enough room for your item and protective padding. Also, be mindful of how much your package weighs. If you end up choosing the wrong size or weight, your prepaid shipping label may not cover the entire cost of postage fees. You are responsible to pay any additional postage fees associated with an incorrect shipping label. 

Available package sizes include:  

  • X-Small (up to 8 ounces): Good for earbuds, small cosmetics or toiletries, wristwatches, and other small items.

  • Small (approximately 9” x 6” x 3” and up to 3 lbs): Good for hardback or paperback books, sunglasses, mobile phones, and other small electronics.

  • Medium (approximately 12” x 9” x 6” and up to 10 lbs): Good for shoes, purses, video game controllers, and more.

  • Large (approximately 14” x 10” x 6” and up to 20 lbs): Good for countertop kitchen gadgets, hand tools, heavy coats or sweaters, and more. 

  • X-Large (approximately 18" x 12" x 8" and up to 20 lbs): Good for printers, soundbars, small speaker systems, video game consoles, handheld appliances, car seats, and more. 


If you declare that you’re shipping hazardous materials, OfferUp will auto-select the X-Large package size for you. This ensures that you receive the appropriate prepaid shipping label. You cannot select another package size in the app, but you can ship your item in a smaller package if desired. Just make sure to attach the XL prepaid shipping label to your package prior to shipping.

Chose the wrong size?

Don’t worry! If you picked the wrong package size, you can select a new one by editing your listing. Please note, if you declare that you’re shipping hazardous materials, the appropriate package size will be auto-selected for you and cannot be changed.

To select a new package size, complete the following steps in the app:

  1. Log in to your OfferUp account.
  2. Tap My Listings, then tap the listing you want to edit.
  3. Tap Edit Post, then tap Next to continue through the Edit Item, Details, and Price pages.
  4. On the Delivery Method page, make sure the Sell & Ship Nationwide toggle is on.
  5. Select a new package size, then tap Save > Done.

When you sell your item, you will no longer be able to edit your listing to adjust the package size. In this case, you'll have to let the transaction auto-cancel which takes 5 days from the date of sale. Once the sale is canceled, you can edit your listing and select a new package size. We recommend that you communicate with the buyer throughout this process to let them know why the transaction was canceled and when they can repurchase your item.

Package your item securely

It’s important to package your items securely so that carriers can transport them safely. Proper packaging also helps to prevent issues like your item being damaged in transit. To ensure that your items travel safely, follow these packaging guidelines.

Never package hazardous material in the same box with non-hazardous material

Items identified as hazardous material by USPS must be packaged and shipped separately from non-hazardous materials. This is to protect carriers, package handlers, and buyers. Additionally, all boxes containing hazardous material (including lithium batteries) must be labeled with the appropriate HAZMAT shipping label provided by OfferUp.

Use protective padding

Boxes get bounced around during transit. If your item is loose inside the box, it can get broken. To protect your item, use protective padding inside your box, such as:

  • Crumpled newspaper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Grocery bags
  • Bubble wrap

Test out your packing skills by giving the box a shake. If your item moves, then add more padding!

Don’t overstuff your box

If your box is stuffed to the brim, it runs the risk of busting or tearing during transit. To avoid overstuffing, choose a box that’s big enough for your item plus extra padding. You should be able to comfortably close the box without it stretching, tearing, or bulging. 

Use 2-inch wide packaging tape

Packaging tape will ensure that your box doesn’t come unsealed during transit. Don’t confuse packaging tape with storage tape. Packaging tape is stronger and more durable.

Remove or cover old markings on reused packages

If you're reusing an old package, make sure to remove or cover any markings from previous shipments, including:

  • Barcodes
  • Addresses
  • Shipping labels
  • Logos for carriers other than USPS

If you don’t hide old markings appropriately, USPS may not accept your package or may consider it undeliverable.

Attach the OfferUp shipping label 

When you sell your item, OfferUp will provide you with a prepaid shipping label via in-app message and email. Print out the shipping label and attach it to your package in a prominent location. Tape down all edges with clear packaging tape to ensure it stays in place.


You must attach the OfferUp shipping label to your package in order to get paid for your sale. The label allows us to track your package during transit and to verify that it was delivered. If you choose not to use the OfferUp label, you won’t be able to get paid through the app since we can’t track or verify package delivery.

For help with your shipping label, please tap the Contact Us button below.

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