About ratings on OfferUp

Rating on OfferUp reflects the average number of gold stars someone has received. A person’s ratings are a combination of buying and selling activity on the platform. The number next to the stars shows how many people have rated them.

For example, Jessie has been rated by 52 people, with an average of 5 stars.


After someone buys or sells something, they’ll be asked to rate the other person. Each person can give 1 to 5 stars and can choose to include other review notes. People can only give whole numbers of stars. If you see a half star in someone’s rating, that’s from averaging multiple different ratings.

When someone has more than one sale with the same person, that person can rate them for each sale. The number following the stars will only increase by one and will be counted when the person rates them. The number of stars for each item will be averaged with all other stars earned.

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