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Looking for cars on OfferUp? Check out our buyer’s guide about new and used vehicles. Once you’re ready to go, here’s how to search for vehicles and find the ride you want.

Search and filter

TapCategories icon Browse and choose the Cars and trucks category to start searching for vehicles. That will give you these special filters:

  • Make: Tap to choose one or more manufacturers, like Ford or Chevy.
  • Type: Tap to choose one or more vehicle types, like Car, SUV, Truck, and Van.
  • Year: Tap and drag either end of the slider to select the age range of vehicles you want to look for. You can pick anything between “Before 1960” and the most current model year.
  • Mileage: Tap and drag the slider to choose your preferred mileage. You can pick anything from “no miles” to “any mileage,” or any point in between, like “up to 50,000 miles.”

If you’re looking for a certain car model (like “Camry”) or an important feature (like “convertible”), tap the Search icon Search field and type the keyword you have in mind. Use this in combination with the filters to get the most specific results.


We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to everyone. 

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