Post vehicle information

If you’re selling a car, truck, or other vehicle on OfferUp, we’ve provided custom fields to help you provide important information.

When you post your item, choose the Cars & trucks category to make the following fields appear. Some fields may be required.

  1. Year, Make, Model: Tap to start selecting details about your car. These include the year of manufacture, the maker (like “Ford” or “BMW”) and the model (like “Focus” or “4 Series”). Choose from the lists the app provides, or type your own answers at the top of the screen.
  2. Style: Select any special features of your car, like if it has a sunroof or 4-wheel drive. If we know of typical configurations for your car, we’ll provide suggestions.
  3. VIN: Enter your car’s Vehicle Information Number to display vehicle history and give buyers more info.
  4. Mileage: Type in how many miles your car has been driven.
  5. Condition: Choose whether the car is new, used, or being sold for parts.
  6. Description: Use this field to provide any additional info about the car, upgrades, mechanical info, condition, or other features.

When you finish posting your item, the final listing will include the info you provided.

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