Show off something you're selling

Share what you’re selling on OfferUp with your friends and contacts and on places like Facebook.

Share a new item to Facebook

  1. Tap Photo icon to post a new item and follow the steps.
  2. On Step 4, Share, toggle on the Facebook option.
    Facebook button
  3. Link your Facebook profile if you haven’t already connected it to OfferUp.
  4. Finish posting your item. It will automatically be shared to Facebook once you’re done.

OfferUp will remember this setting for your future posts. If you want to stop sharing to Facebook, toggle this off again the next time you list an item.

Other ways to share new items

If you’re not sharing to Facebook, you can choose any other standard sharing option at the end of posting a new item, including Message and Email.

Share an item you’re already selling

  1. Tap Offers icon Offers.
  2. On your Selling tab, tap Share under any item for sale.
    Share button
  3. Choose from the sharing options in Share Item.
  4. You can also tap to open the item, then tap the three-dot overflow menu icon on the right-hand side of the screen.
    Overflow menu
  5. Select Share from the menu.
  6. Choose from the options under Share Item.

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