Sell with Buy Now

When you make an item available for OfferUp nationwide shipping, you can turn on the Buy Now feature to instantly accept the first full-price offer you receive from a buyer. If you choose to use Buy Now, make sure to set a firm selling price for your item. 

Turning on Buy Now

To turn on the Buy Now feature for one of your items, complete the following steps in the app:

  1. Open the OfferUp app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap My Listings
  3. Tap the item you want to update, then tap Edit Post
  4. Tap Next until you reach the Delivery Method page.
  5. Make sure you have Sell & Ship Nationwide turned on.
  6. Select the checkbox next to Auto Accept.  
  7. Tap Save.

When a buyer views your item, they’ll see a Buy Now button on the listing page. If they select Buy Now, they'll purchase your item for the full asking price. As soon as you receive a full-price offer, you have 5 days to ship your item to the buyer. You'll get paid for the sale after the buyer receives and accepts the item. To learn more about payments, see Getting paid.

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