About nationwide shipping

OfferUp nationwide shipping makes it easier for you to buy and sell online. Shipping is a great alternative to in-person trades and gives you access to millions of buyers and sellers from around the country.


OfferUp currently supports shipping to and from all US states except Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

How it works

Shipping with OfferUp is seamless — sellers can make their items available for shipping, and buyers can purchase and track items from right inside the app. OfferUp provides shipping labels and partners with USPS to ensure that items get delivered safely.

To learn more about the shipping experience, see the following articles:

Eligibility and requirements

Some items aren’t eligible for shipping due to factors like size, weight, location, or price. To learn more about our shipping policies and restrictions, see the following articles:


Buyers pay for shipped items through the OfferUp app or website using an electronic payment method. For information on valid payment methods, see Acceptable forms of payment.

Sellers receive payments through the OfferUp app or website by setting up a deposit account. To learn more about in-app payments, see Getting paid.


All payments are processed by Stripe, our secure payment processor.

When a seller accepts an offer, the buyer’s payment method gets charged immediately. But sellers don’t get paid out until the item is delivered, inspected, and approved by the buyer. The sale becomes final 2 days after the item is delivered, unless the buyer requests a refund or files a claim.

Shipping protection

Items shipped through USPS using the OfferUp shipping label are covered by 2-Day Purchase Protection. This protection gives buyers 2 days (48 hours) to inspect an item for issues before the sale becomes final. To learn more, see the 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy.

Sellers who encounter issues with shipping can reach out to us for help by selecting the Contact Us button below.

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