How shipping works for sellers

OfferUp shipping makes it easier for you to sell your items online. Reach millions of buyers nationwide and ship your items with ease. Read on to learn the 4 simple steps to shipping with OfferUp.


OfferUp currently supports shipping to and from all US states except Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

Step 1: Enable shipping

Let buyers know that your items can be shipped by turning on the shipping option. You can do this in our mobile app.


Some items can’t be shipped. For information on item eligibility and restrictions, see the OfferUp Shipping Policy.

Enable shipping on new listings

When you create a new listing, you can enable shipping if your item is eligible. On the Delivery Method page, simply turn on the Sell & Ship Nationwide toggle, choose a package size, and declare if your item includes hazardous materials. For more detailed steps, see Posting an item for sale.

The shipping toggle turns green when it's enabled.

Enable shipping on existing listings

To enable shipping on an existing listing, you can edit the listing. Go to your My Listings page, select the listing, then tap Edit Post. When you reach the Delivery Method page, simply turn on the Sell & Ship Nationwide toggle, choose a package size, and declare if your item includes hazardous materials.

Now, your listing will show the Shipping.png Shipping icon in the feed. This tells buyers that your item is available to ship.

Step 2: Accept an offer

When you create your listing, you’ll set your item’s price as negotiable or firm and decide if you want to accept full price offers instantly. The options you choose determine how you will receive offers from buyers.

If your price is negotiable, buyers can propose an amount by selecting the Make Offer button on your listing. When this happens, you'll get an in-app message containing their offer price. You can either accept the offer, decline the offer, or make a counteroffer. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, the offer will automatically cancel.

If you’re firm on the price, buyers can make you a full price offer by selecting the Buy Now button on your listing. When this happens, you’ll instantly accept their full price offer.

Once you accept an offer, our system charges the buyer's payment method and holds the funds until the item is successfully delivered, inspected, and approved by the buyer. You’ll get paid through the app once the sale is final, so make sure to set up a deposit account.


As the seller, you pay a service fee to use shipping. The fee is 12.9% of your item’s total sale price (minimum fee $1.99). Buyers pay all shipping fees and sales tax. To learn more, see the OfferUp Shipping Policy.


Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer is committed to the sale and cannot cancel the order on their end. However, if the buyer reaches out to ask if you’ll voluntarily cancel their order, it’s totally up to you. You are not obligated to cancel the order. If you choose to release the buyer from the sale, then let the buyer know you won’t ship the item. After 5 calendar days, if the item isn’t shipped, the sale will automatically cancel and the buyer’s money will be released back to them.

Time frame

When you accept an offer, you have 5 days to ship your item to the buyer (though we recommend shipping within 3 days). If you don’t drop off the package at a USPS location within 5 days, the sale will automatically cancel and the buyer’s money will be released back to them.

Step 3: Ship the item

As soon as you accept an offer, we’ll send you a notification containing your USPS prepaid shipping label. For more info on accessing your shipping label, see How to get your shipping label from your chat messages.

Be sure to pack your item carefully using the correct package size. Then, print out your prepaid shipping label and attach it to your package. Finally, drop off the package at an official USPS location within 5 days of the sale. For more information on shipping requirements, see our Shipping Policy and Packaging Policy.

Track your item

We’ll send you notifications so you can track your item’s shipping progress. When it’s delivered, you’ll get notified.

Step 4: Get paid

If you used the OfferUp shipping label and you shipped through USPS within 5 calendar days, the process should be seamless. The buyer has 2 days (48 hours) from the delivery date to inspect the item and let you know if it’s what they expected.

Item is as expected

Hooray! If the buyer has no concerns, then after 2 days, the sale is final and payment will be released into your deposit account. Processing time may vary depending on your bank. Weekends and holidays may affect this timeline. For faster payouts, see About Fast Deposit.

Item isn’t as expected

If the item isn’t what the buyer expected, they can reach out to you to discuss the issue or request a refund within the 2-day period. It’s up to you whether you want to issue a refund. If you can’t come to an agreement, the buyer can file a claim within 4 days (96 hours) of the delivery date. If they do, we’ll notify you. To learn more about the claims process, see 2-Day Purchase Protection. Please note, if the buyer asks for a refund or files a claim, all payments are paused until the matter is fully resolved.

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