Opting out of personalized advertising

OfferUp allows Google, our online advertising partner, to collect identifiers for the purpose of showing you ads that are more personalized to you. Personalized ads are tailored to your interests based on things like your search history, page visits, and recent activity on OfferUp.

To protect your privacy, OfferUp assigns you a Non-Personal Identifier (also known as a PPID). A Non-Personal Identifier is an anonymous user id that we share with Google so they can personalize the ads you see on our platform without collecting any of your personal identifying information.

How to opt out

If you don’t want to receive personalized ads, you can tell OfferUp to stop sharing your Non-Personal Identifier with Google by opting out. Opting out does not mean that you’ll stop seeing Google ads on our platform, but they will no longer be personalized to you based on your prior interests and activity on OfferUp.


If you’d like to stop seeing ads completely, try an OfferUp Premium subscription.

To opt out of receiving personalized ads, complete the following steps in the app:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner to access your Account.
  2. Under Account, tap Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Privacy section, then tap Edit next to Advertising.
  4. Turn on the Google Non-Personal Identifier Opt Out toggle to enable the opt-out feature.

    Google Non-Personal Identifier toggle is turned off.


The opt-out feature is only available in the mobile app and is turned off by default. You must turn it on to opt-out.

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